Robin Griffith: New Artist in the Collection

Robin Griffith

Robin Griffith’s Artist Biography

Robin Griffith is a native Houstonian who currently lives in Huntsville, TX. Having three degrees that include an AA, BFA, and MFA plus over a decade of teaching at the college level, she excels in the creative ability to convey detailed compositions. Her degrees were received from Houston Community College, University of Houston, and Louisiana State University. Past exhibits include shows with Spring Street Studios in Houston and the Conroe and New Braunfels Art Leagues. Art has been a part of Robin’s life since a very young age when she started to practice drawing and communicating the imaginary in a visual way.

Robin Griffith PicThrough her studies and teaching she learned that art is a language that is seen through visual representations creating an internal interpretation of time based on the human experience. She believes our minds are given the chance to travel through time exploring another place by documentation and imagination. Connections are made through external and internal beliefs of life experiences.Storytelling has always been a fundamental part of cultural structure bringing together community, family, and teaching the history of an overall individualistic human experience.

For Robin, the work she creates is based upon these above principles. Research of imagery is the foundation to her art. Each image is mentally collaged to form a complete interpretation of the imaginative and underlying a spiritual translation. In building the work in this way the viewer can understand how she feels and how she experiences the world around her. Every picture is given careful thought having a special component and role in the work. The visuals come together like a puzzle and are dependent on one another to form unity transpiring a message of hope, joy, strength, and memory. Detail is important in defining the composition and meaning throughout her work. Robin guides the viewer through different paths helping them develop their own interpretation and hopefully finding their own inspiring story.

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