About us

Why a Destination?

Art on 12, Wimberley TexasArt on 12 is situated in the heart of Central Texas, in Wimberley. Our city has been designated a Texas Cultural District by the Texas Commission on the Arts. Our gallery is a destination for all those who wish to experience the rich heritage of Texas. Meet our local, regional, and nationally known artists, many of whom reside in our small town or live close by.

Come experience the flavor of this unique artists’ community. We have several galleries that participate in our Second Saturday Gallery Trail. Experience southern hospitality with wine, beer, hor d’ouevres, and meet many of the artists.

What makes our gallery special is not just the high quality of talent in our local community, but also we feature art by such nationally known artists as Maxine Price, Gordon Fowler, Gary Oakley, Ronnie Weeks, and Tom English.

The mission of Art on 12 is simple: To showcase the work of exciting and talented artists and to make their work accessible to people who love art and who want a positive experience buying art.  In addition, as a destination gallery we represent several internationally known, established career artists We display our artists’ work in a beautiful 5000 sq. ft stone building near the village square in Wimberley, TX.  Collectors and visitors tell us they especially appreciate the gallery’s adventurousness, and the diversity of the art we exhibit.

At Art on 12 we support our member artists in following their creative process wherever it leads them, and the result is a unique ensemble of work. Mediums range from painting and printmaking to photography, mixed media and assemblage, to jewelry and sculpture. Visitors can always expect to see new and exciting work from Art on 12’s curious, vital and productive artists.  Because the gallery invites member artists to be present at the Gallery, visitors can count on a conversation with one or more of our artists who may be in person making art in the Gallery. Several artists maintain studio space in the gallery where you can visit the artist and see him or her at work.

We believe that there are three distinct values that apply to arresting works of art:

  1.  We think most often of art’s ‘essential’ value – its beauty… which depending on one’s culture, educational level or life experiences can mean beauty in any manner of ways: emotional, spiritual, psychological or even religious.
  2.  If you are a collector and you have a good eye (or good advice) the art you acquire can ultimately also have ‘commercial’ value and appreciate beyond the price you paid to acquire the work.
  3. Finally, there is art’s ‘social’ value. This comes in the form of connections with the artists through conversation and sometimes friendship. And it comes from the circle of individuals that form around you because of a shared appreciation of the particular art you enjoy.

At Art on 12 we embrace all three values.