The Collection

Rodney Bursiel

Rodney Bursiel

Rodney Bursiel Bio:
Born in the largest city in Texas. Live in one of the smallest cities in Texas. Learned scuba at 10. Competitive swimmer. Hand-fed an 8’ green moray eel. 3 plates and 22 screws hold my hip together. Made geological survey maps for oil exploration. Built houses. Graduated from Southwest TX State with the most boring degree possible…..

Ronnie Weeks Assemblage artist

Ronnie Weeks

Ronnie Weeks is best known for his very creative Assemblage Art.  He repurposes artifacts and articles that might wind up in the trash, but under his skillful eye, beauty abounds with intricate and captivating themes. 

Gordon Fowler Watercolor

Gordon Fowler

Watercolorist Gordon Fowler is a former high school quarterback and a lapsed rock-and-roll musician. As a Marine combat correspondent in Vietnam Cross of Gallantry. (The character named “Cowboy” in Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam War movie, “Full Metal Jacket,” is based on Fowler.)

Maxine Price

Maxine Price

Maxine Price as a Wimberley artist her works include:

– Contemporary paintings
– Abstract paintings
– Texas contemporary abstracts
– Expressionistic landscapes
– Abstracted landscapes
– Palette knife paintings
– Oil paintings
– Southwest expressionistic paintings
– Abstract oil paintings

Pat Moberley Moore Sculpture

Pat Moberley Moore

As a sculptor in bronze, clay, limestone, metal and/or glass, Pat Moberley Moore’s sculptures are about capturing emotion in 3-D.  Of her work she says, “My vision is not political, nor do I care to look at the darker side of ourselves or our world.  I endeavor to speak to the inner life  and to the beauty of the earth and her charges”

Gary Oakley Oil on Canvas

Gary Oakley

Gary Oakley’s painting reminds us of why we fell in love with New Mexico in the first place says the Santa Fe Reporter 2018