Special Events

Art on 12 offers a venue for other local artists to display their work in bi-monthly ‘special guest shows’.

It was Tiffany who trademarked the word ‘Favrile,’ an old French term for ‘handmade’ in 1894, an ethos at the forefront of Debra Steidel’s artwork. As the conviction of Debra Steidel’s sculptures speak through the harmonious bond between the form of each vessel and intricacy of each sculptural lid, the vitality of the lidded sculpture has never been so alluringly present. The defining influence of Art Nouveau undoubtedly lingers in the expression of each Steidel masterpiece, yet perhaps the most fascinating parallel between Debra’s mixed media sculpture and the brilliance of the Nouveau legendaries is the uncanny resemblance to René Lalique’s (1860 -1945) sinuous creativity and artistic geniusRegular member ‘themed’ shows invite our member artists to display work in response to a call for art with a specific theme. Past themed shows have included:  ‘The Black and White show’; ‘Emergence’; ‘Freedom’ etc etc (can’t remember any more).

In the Gallery’s ‘Collection’space we host special shows featuring single artists or creative pairings of renowned local artists who exhibit their work together.

To serve our educational function, the Gallery conducts regular public workshops with offerings in areas such as: mixed media, photography, plein air painting, jewelry making, watercolor and encaustic work.

In our ‘special event room’ you can consider hosting your next private gathering surrounded by amazing art as a backdrop. Our spaces can accommodate a large gathering for cocktail parties, receptions, weddings, book signings, and community events.

‘After Hours’ events include gallery talks, presentations by artists, and other community affairs.

On the Edge

On the Edge…

We hope you’ll use your vivid imaginations and join us for the next Art on 12, themed member show. Enter as many as 4 pieces on November 30th.
The opening reception will be on December 10th.

The Mind

Landscapes of the Mind

Landscapes of the Mind:
We hope you’ll join us for our next themed member show. Let your imagination be your guide. We’ll be eager to see your interpretation of the theme. You can enter as many as 4 pieces. Drop-off day is June 1st.

Peoples Choice Winner Cary Tilton

Guest Artist Invitation for April

You are Invited to our Next Guest Artist Show, April 9th to May 31st! The drop-off date for the next guest show is April 6th. The show will open with a reception on April 9th. It will be up until May 31st. Pick-up June 1st. Download Your Form HERE:  YourArton12-GuestShow -Apr-May-2022

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