Interview with an Artist


Interview with Allen Heydman

Allen Heydman Interview with and Artist #arton12gallery.

Michael Penn Smith - Artist at Arton12

Michael Penn Smith

Interview with Michael Penn Smith, Photography Artist at Art on 12

Cheryl Pritts - artist at Gallery

Cheryl Pritts

Cheryl Pritts Interview: I began like many people, as sort of a hobby. I painted on wood because my husband did a lot of woodworking. We lived in Pennsylvania at that time, and I did a lot of folk art. It was then that I thought, ‘Oh, I really love color!’ After moving to Texas, I started art school with a local artist in San Marcos (Betty Ritchie). She paints in a very classic style, and I really didn’t fit in with the other students because I loved using a palette knife and pure color, unlike most classic-style painters. I don’t like to blend a lot. 

Janice Mullinex

Janice Mullenax

Art is an on-going a journey. I think that when I decided I wanted to PURSUE art… I think that was probably 2003-2004, when I left corporate America and started looking for somewhere else to channel my energies.

Rowdy Winters

Rowdy Winters

When did you first begin to think of yourself as an artist? I always grew up around art. My father was a full-time painter ever since he was in college. So, by the age of five I was going to art shows and traveling with him, helping him set up his booths and watching him … Read more

robert anschutz

Robert Anschutz

Interview with an Artist: Robert Anschutz, Photographer

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