Guest Artists at Art on 12"

Call for Artists to Exhibit at Art on 12

Guest Artists at Art on 12"

You are invited to participate!
Call for Artists to Exhibit at Art on 12

Submission for the Exhibition

  • –  Submission: Wednesday, November 6, 10 am to 5 pm, on a first-come first-served basis. Although, you may fill out the form and mail it along with a check to the address above to hold a space.
    *** Make check payable to: Art on 12.
  • –  Reception: Saturday, November 9, 2019, from 4 pm to 7 pm.
  • –  Additional forms are available on the website: or at Art on 12 Gallery.
  • –  Pick up unsold artwork: Tuesday, December 31, 2019
  • –  Gallery Fee $40 (up to 3 pieces).
  • –  Art on 12 retains 30% commissions on sales.
  • –  Artists with sales will be paid on the 10th of the following month.Guidelines
  • –  Each Guest Artist may submit one to three pieces. Name and title must be on the back of each piece.
  • –  Maximum size on the outside edge (h”+ w”) – the total of 3 pieces not to exceed 130 inches.
  • –  Must be original works by the artist.
  • –  All artwork must be for sale.
  • –  Unless sold, all entries to remain up during the entire show.
  • –  Artwork must be properly presented and ready for hanging. Each piece must be properly framed and wired for hanging, no plastic frames or sawtooth hangers.
  • –  3D work – not to exceed 50 lbs.
  • –  Removable label must be on the front identifying artist and entry numberLiabilityArt on 12 will exercise due care in handling works submitted. Art on 12 is NOT responsible for any loss or damage to any work of art.


    Participation in this show authorizes Art on 12 to photograph artworks for promotional purposes on Art on 12 website and social media.

Show guidelines and entry form available here.
Your Art on 12 Registration & Guidelines Nov-Dec 2019
For more information email

Danny Jones Workshop

Danny Jones Workshop Oct 28th – 30th!

Danny Jones Art Workshop

Danny Jones Workshop

The Danny Jones Art Workshop is different from any other art workshop that you may have taken. “Having been an art teacher for 35 years, I know that it is important to build on each workshop participant’s own artistic abilities. I help them to progress at their own pace. For everyone to achieve the best of their artistic abilities, I constantly monitor and give each participant’s work constructive, individual attention.”

Each person is at a different place in their artistic search, therefore, I work with each participant individually by continually walking around monitoring each person’s work.  Participants may work with any medium they choose; watercolor, oils, pencils, pastels, etc.  (It can be a great time to try something you’ve never tried before and/or +a time to mix media.) Each artist will need to choose the subject matter for their workshop painting or drawing projects – person, animal, landscape, still life, up to you. Bring the photographs (quite a few) that you want to work from, preferably photos that you took instead of magazine photos.  Painters may want to have their subjects drawn on their paper/canvas before the workshop begins to save time. Should a participant feel uncomfortable about his or her drawing skills, he/she may choose to wait until the workshop begins to get my verbal help.

Each day begins with a “mini-lesson” on topics such as: drawing skills, shading, drawing the human body, portraits or composition.  The participants spend the remainder of class time working at their own pace while I continue to collaborate with each person about his or her work.  Should you have questions, please call: 817.707.9473 or email:

Please visit my website:


October 28, 29, 30. 9:00-3:00, $275

For more workshop information: Visit or call Jan @713-569-5173 to sign up.

Intersections Logo

Sunday Aug 25: Inter.Sections 2, an Event in Word, Art, & Song

ART ON 12  Presents  A Sunday Series THIS SUNDAY, AUGUST 25, 3-5pm, Nathan Brown INTER. SECTIONS
Section 2  with   50+ Artists

“Nathan Brown is an author, singer-songwriter, photographer, and award-winning poet who served as the Poet Laureate of Oklahoma for 2013 and 2014. Fresh off his latest tour, Nathan will be performing songs from his latest CD, “The Streets of San Miguel”, and others from his vast repertoire. He’ll also be reading poems written about selected pieces of art in Art on 12, and works from his numerous poetry books. “
ART ON | presents: A Sunday Series Sunday, AUGUST 27, 3-5pm Nathan Brown INTER . SECTIONS Section 2
ART ON 12  Presents  A Sunday Series Sunday, AUGUST 25, 3-5pm Nathan Brown INTER. SECTIONS
Section 2

We Created A Video Channel!

We are now posting video clips on YouTube:

Our first even in Inter.Sections: Word, Art, & Song, was a delightful and funny event with poetry by Nathan Brown, Music by Dirje Childs, Art by 50+ Artists.

Nathan told stories and read poems that explored the world of teenage daughters, Oh My!, and the perspectives from the different stages of life. He sang with his guitar and Dirje Child played both solo and accompaniment on her cello. Parts were laugh-out-loud and others were songs of serious prayers.

We shot a sample of 60-second clips for our Instagram channel and a 5-minute clip for our Youtube video channel.

Nathan is a nationally-touring singer/songwriter and former Oklahoma Poet Laureate.

Joining Nathan will be Dirje Childs, a beloved and classically-trained cellist.

Word, Art and Song events at Arton12

InterSections An Event in Word, Art, & Song

Word, Art and Song events at Arton12

InterSections: Poetry by Nathan Brown, Music by Dirje Childs, Art by 50+ Artists

Sunday July  7th from 3pm – 5pm at Art on 12

The first in our series will feature performances by Nathan Brown and Dirje Childs. 

Nathan is a nationally-touring singer/songwriter and former Oklahoma Poet Laureate. Nathan will be reading selections from works he has authored, including some special poems he has written about art in the gallery! He has a new album titled “The Streets of San Miguel” recorded At Blue Rock Studios and he will be singing songs from that album.

Joining Nathan will be Dirje Childs, a beloved and classically-trained cellist. Dirje has accompanied some of the best musicians in Texas and the nation. The sounds coming from Dirje’s cello are sure to warm your heart! 

Please join us for this wonderful performance from two of the best in Texas!


Check out a video sample of our event:

See More or Subscribe to Our Youtube Video Channel Here

Interview with Allen Heydman

Allen Heydman Interview with and Artist #arton12gallery

How long have you been an artist? Tell us about your art career.

I was raised a carpenter. I guess you could say I’ve been a carpenter my whole life. I’ve always worked with wood. Actually, I go back a long way with various types of craft. I would define most of my craft work as functional works. I’ve made wooden boxes, hair combs, hair sticks and mirrors since the mid-eighties, so I guess I’ve been working with wood about 35 years.

I enjoy choosing various types of wood to work with. The first batch of wood I ever bought was from a friend in Arkansas who had a wood shop. I bought walnut, cherry, and ash from him. Those are the woods I first chose to work with. Later I began to work with mesquite. I had a friend in Arizona who got mesquite in Mexico and I was fortunate to get mesquite left over from his art projects. I made a lot of boxes and other things from that mesquite, which was really a beautiful wood.

Then, about 10 or 12 years ago I decided I needed to learn to do something besides woodcraft, so I started painting. My wife is a painter and my mentor. She’s taught me a lot. Over time, I’ve become more familiar with various types of paints and brushes. I prefer acrylic paint. I like that acrylic paint dries quickly and it’s easy to cover errors and start over. I love bright colors, and I have a lot of colors to choose from. At one time,while working as an athletic coach, I would notice the way kids stood, their posture and stances. Their various poses were the basis of some of my first paintings, whether it’s a ballerina pose or a gymnastic pose or whatever I observed. I would use those poses as a start and then abstract them. I still use poses and forms to start some of my paintings.

I also really enjoy welding. Some of my favorite pieces of art are my metal sculptures. Personally, I believe they’re my most creative work. I’ve always had an interest in the solar system, which inspired me to produce several sculptures that have an earth and solar system theme. I’ve also produced several sculptures of ballerina poses and various yoga poses. Those poses have always been an inspiration and sparks my creativity. I’m also inspired by nature. I’m surrounded by nature, animals, and plants. The flowers that come from my wife’s garden inspire some of my work.

So, working with wood, painting, and producing metal sculpture is what I enjoy. And that pretty much summarizes my long career in art.

With your long career in art, what three artists, living or dead, would you pick to have at a dinner party?

It’s pretty easy for me to decide which artists I would choose to invite to dinner. They’re all local artists. One of the first artists I ever met in Wimberley was Ronnie Weeks. We had a lot in common. He was an all-star athlete, so we became friends and have always had a lot to talk about. I’ve watched him and admired his assemblage work over the years and I’ve been fascinated by his talent and his creativity. I love the variety in his work. Another artist I would pick is Roger McBee. He’s a photographer and digital artist. I’ve always been interested in his technique. I don’t really understand what he does or how he does it, but I like how clear and interesting his art is. And the third artist I would have to dinner would, of course, be my wife. I’ve always appreciated her work. I’ve always been interested in her abstract work and just how she comes up with all those ideas.