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Every Picture Tells A Story

Every Picture Tells A Story
Every Picture Tells A Story

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” J. K Rowling

Wee hope you’ll join us for the new themed ‘members only’ show. You can enter as many as 4 works of art in the show on Thursday, June 3″.

We’ll look forward to seeing how each of you interpret the theme, Every Picture Tells a Story. Let us hear your story through your art!

We’ll have an opening reception for the show on June 12th, from 4:00 till 7:00. Save the date!

Alyson Waldron

Next Guest Show! April 9th – June 2nd, 2021

Drop-off April 6th.

Show opens April 9th. Opening reception is April 10th, 5:00 till 7:00.

Pick-up is June 2nd 11:00 till 5:30.

For Details and Entrance Form Download the PDF: Your Art on 12 Registration & Guidelines Apr-May 2021

We Created A Video Channel!

We are now posting video clips on YouTube:

Our first even in Inter.Sections: Word, Art, & Song, was a delightful and funny event with poetry by Nathan Brown, Music by Dirje Childs, Art by 50+ Artists.

Nathan told stories and read poems that explored the world of teenage daughters, Oh My!, and the perspectives from the different stages of life. He sang with his guitar and Dirje Child played both solo and accompaniment on her cello. Parts were laugh-out-loud and others were songs of serious prayers.

We shot a sample of 60-second clips for our Instagram channel and a 5-minute clip for our Youtube video channel.

Nathan is a nationally-touring singer/songwriter and former Oklahoma Poet Laureate.

Joining Nathan will be Dirje Childs, a beloved and classically-trained cellist.

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