Taming Photoshop

A one-day workshop at Art on 12 Gallery
taught by Bob Cook

January 28, 2019,  Noon to 6 pm

Adobe photoshop is the international standard for image processing. Any photographer wishing to make effective images must use photoshop whether to create reference images for painting or to make simply beautiful photographs.

Photoshop, however, is a massive program and learning it independently often feels like you need a whip and a chair. But the workshop will suffice. It tackles the following issues:

  • A simplified sequence of actions yields an excellent image in just a couple of minutes: crop, straighten, set full tonal range, brighten, set contrast, saturate, retouch and sharpen. This procedure is all you need for most shots.
  • How to save the image in different formats and different quality levels (low quality for web/social media/email and high quality for printing)
  • Controlling a printer
  • How to use the “history” command when you want to return to an earlier point in the editing process. This can be a huge work saver.
  • Selecting part of an image so that edits only apply to the selected parts
  • Adding adjustment layers to the image permits altering numerous variables like brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, color balance and more only in certain areas of the image.
  • “Stitching” a number of images together to create a dramatic panorama
  • Process high dynamic range (HDR) images where multiple shots at different exposures bring out detail in both the highlights and the shadows.
  • Guidance for further learning and a partial introduction to other tools in Photoshop.
  • Attendees will perform all the operations on files supplied by the instructor on their own laptop computers with Photoshop loaded.

Class fee $95.00.

The workshop will have a minimum of 4 attendees and a maximum of 8. Attendees must bring a laptop (Mac or PC) with Photoshop CC loaded on it. Photoshop CC is a “rental” program from Adobe which only costs $10 per month and it can also be loaded as a free trial. In either case, you download the product from Adobe.com. Contact Bob Cook at 512-618-8641 if you have questions on this issue.

To register for this workshop, fill out and return the registration form. Mail or deliver check to Art on 12, 13811 Ranch Road 12, Wimberley, TX 78676. Mail or deliver this form to Art on 12 to complete registration. Acknowledgment will be emailed with thanks.

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